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Finishing Options & Extra Services

We offer a wide range of additional services and finishes for your print, please note that due to the complex nature of pricing for these it is not currently possible to process these online, however if you contact us through email or by coming into the store we can sort them out for you.

  • NCR In Books £1.10

    (In 50's) Per Book

  • Perforating £20.00

    (Per Perf) In 1000's

  • NCR Numbering £20.00

    Per 1000

  • Folding £15.00

    (Up to 2 Folds) Per 1000

  • Drilling £15.00

    (Up to 2 Holes) Per 1000

  • Booklet £15.00

    (Minimum Charge) Per 100

  • NCR Gluing £20.00

    (Minimum Charge) Per 100

  • Corner Rounding £20.00

    Per 1000

  • File Access to Print £2.50


  • Email Access / Send £3.50


  • Write CD/DVD £3.50


  • Cutting Fee £5.00

    (Per Cut) Per 500

  • Trimming Fee £0.50

    Per Sheet

  • Scanning From £0.01 each

    All scans have a £2.50 setup charge

Please note: All prices are written exclusive of VAT, simply add 20% onto the cost to calculate the full amount. Certain services are only available as addons for other printing we offer. If you are unsure or have any questions please talk to a member of staff in store or contact us through the site and we will do our best to help you.

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